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Renter's guide


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1. Reserve on-line or by phone

1. 在线或电话预定

    • On our website, you can :
    • 在我们的网站,您可以:
    • Check informations on Prague in Prague info
    • 在“布拉格信息”中查找有关布拉格的信息
    • Search for apartments and check their availability in Explore properties
    • 在“搜索物业”中查找公寓并核实其可得性
    • See all details about the apartment you choose. You know where you go!
    • 查看您选择的公寓的全部详细信息。我去的地方我知道!
    • Make an online reservation
    • 在线预定
    • Alternately you can phone us at (00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (english) or (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (french)
    • 您可以拨打 (00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (英语) 或 (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (法语)联系我们
    • Or you can visit us in our office at Lesnicka 7 in Prague 5 - see "Who are we and where can you find us" to check office hours and access map.
    • 您也可以到访我们的办事处:Prague 5区Ujezd 5 – 查看“认识我们,找到我们”,了解营业时间和访问地图。



2. Receive a reservation confirmation e-mail (within 48 hours)

2. 接收预定确认电子邮件 (48小时内)

    • You receive an e-mail with booking confirmation and detailed apartment description, including this user guide and detailed payment instructions.
    • 您收到的电子邮件附有预订确认和公寓详细说明,说明包含用户指南以及详细的支付指令。

3. Send payment if you have not already done so

3. 如果尚未支付,请支付

    • The most simple is enter your credit card (Visa ou Mastercard) details on our secure online reservation page while reserving online . Otherwise you can fax or phone us your number. Your CC number will also replace the damage deposit (which shall not be debited unless there is damage). Other possibilities are transfer or cheque in euros.
    • 在线预定最简便的方法就是在我们安全可靠的在线预定页面上输入信用卡 (维萨卡或万事达卡)详细信息。您也可以发送传真或打电话给我们告诉我们您的卡号。您的CC号码也将替代损害定金(只在产生损害时被计入借方)。其它可行方式还有欧元汇款或欧元支票支付。
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4. Receive payment confirmation by e-mail and letter


As soon as we receive/debit the last part of your payment (usually one month before your arrival), we send you an e-mail and the letter with: 一旦我们收到或借记了您的最后一笔支付(通常在您到达前一个月),我们会给您发出一封电子邮件和书信,含有:

    • Booking confirmation and detailed apartment description, including directions to access flat
    • 预订确认和公寓详细说明,包含进入公寓的方向指引
    • The eCode to your apartment
    • 您的公寓的电子密码
    • The physical key to the building if needed will be in the letter
    • 如有需要,进入大楼的实体钥匙将放入信封中

5. Go directly to the property you rented

5. 直接前往您租赁的物业

    • You do not have to stop by our agency ! Your property will be available from check-in time on check-in date. Thanks to the ecode sytem, you can arrive at anytime - no stress if you are late. (In some cases of last-minute reservation when a building key is needed and time is not sufficient to send you the key by e-mail, we will welcome you at the apartment.)
    • 您不必亲自到访本机构!在您预定入住当天的登记时间里,您的房间就已经准备好了。正因为有了电子密码系统, 您可以在任何时间入住 – 即便晚到也不必担忧。(对于某些紧急预定,如需大楼钥匙,在发送密钥电子邮件时间紧迫的情况下,我们会在机场恭候您。)
    • If you wish to check-in earlier, let us know in advance (not necessary if you already gave us your arrival time): if the apartment is available earlier, we will let you know and send you a new code 2 or 3 days in advance. If not, we will send you all indications on luggage storage. Another option is to ensure the earlier check-in by buying the night before at half the price- that can be worth it if you are flying in from North America for example.
    • 想要提前入住登记,请提前告知我们(如您已通知我们您的到达时间则无需另行告知):如果公寓已提前准备好,我们会提前2-3日告知您并发送给您一个新密码。如果公寓尚未提前准备好,我们会发送给您行李存放的全部指示。另一个确保提前入住登记的办法就是半价租赁您到达前一个晚上的公寓。这样做可能是划算的,比如您是从北美洲飞抵布拉格。

6. If the building requires a key, use your key to get in

6. 对于需要使用钥匙才能进入的大楼,请使用您的钥匙

    • Some buildings do not require a key.
    • 有些大楼不需要钥匙。



7. Use the Code to open apartment door

7. 使用密码打开公寓门

    • Dial in your eCode on the keyless lock. The little light changes to green and you can enter. In case of any difficulty, you can contact us at phone number (00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (english) or (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (french).
    • 在无匙门锁上输入您的电子密码。小灯变绿后您便可进入。如遇困难,请联系我们,电话:(00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (英语) 或 (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (法语)。

8 . Check in the apartment

8 . 公寓入住登记

    • Visit the property and see how you like it; on the welcome table you will find a welcome letter and spare keys to the building (one per person).
    • 到访物业,看看自己是否喜欢;在迎宾台上您会看到一封欢迎信以及大楼备用钥匙(一人一把)。
    • Take the list describing the appartment you received with the confirmation letter. In case anything is damaged or missing, you must send us an e-mail with notification to EN@rentego.com within 24 hours. You will receive an automatic confirmation that limits your responsibility. This should be extremely rare as properties are controlled during cleaning, before your arrival.
    • 请携带和确认信一起收到的公寓说明清单。如有任何损坏或遗失,请您务必在24小时内发送通知邮件给我们,请发送邮件到 EN@rentego.com。您会收到一份自动确认。该确认邮件限定了您的责任。在您到达之前和清洁过程中,物业是受到监控的,因此这一情形发生的可能性极小。

9. Enjoy Prague !

9. 畅享布拉格!

    • Enjoy Prague ! In case of any difficulties or questions related to accommodation, you can contact us for assistance at (00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (english) or (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (french). These lines are forwarded to our cell phones during night and week-ends to assist you 24hrs/24 in case of serious problems with the apartment (In the payment confirmation, you will also get our mobile phone numbers for assistance) - so of course it is nicer for our team not to use them at 5am to ask for information on taxis... ;-)
    • 畅享布拉格!在住宿方面如有任何困难或疑问,您都可以联系我们获得支持,联系电话: (00) 420 2 24 32 37 34 (英语) 或 (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 (法语)。在夜间和周末,这两条热线会转到我们的移动电话上。我们做到24小时为您提供支持,尤其是在住宿遇到重大问题时为您提供这样的24小时服务(在支付确认中,您将得到我们的支持服务移动电话号码)。当然啦,如果不必在早上5点询问出租车信息,我们的团队会觉得更好…;-)

10. Departure advice

10. 离店建议

Before leaving:


    • Please empty dustbins and fridge and throw their content in the building’s dustbins; also wash dishes etc. but you do not need to clean the apartment – professional cleaners will take care of it
    • 请清空垃圾箱和冰箱,把垃圾倒入大楼内的垃圾箱;也请您清洗餐具等。您不必打扫公寓- 专业清洁员会打扫公寓
    • Please fill in the satisfaction questionnaire and put it in the free mail envelope but do not seal it yet, take it with you
    • 请填写满意度调查问卷,放入免费的信封中,但尚且不必封口,请将信和信封带走
    • If there are keys to the building, leave all of them but one on the table
    • 如有大楼钥匙,请只留一把钥匙在身边,其余全部放到桌上
    • Look around the apartment to check if you have not forgotten anything
    • 环视公寓,检查是否忘记带走自己的任何物品
    • Get out of the building using your last building key if necessary
    • 如果需要,请使用您持有的最后一把钥匙离开大楼
    • Please put the last building key and the satisfaction questionnaire in the already stamped mail envelope and send it (our address is already on it)
    • 请留下最后一把大楼钥匙,也请寄出内含满意度调查问卷的信件,信封上已署有我们的地址并已贴好邮票